Safe Mobility Decisions for Older Drivers Forum, June 19-20

07/2003: The full and executive summary reports of the conference are now available:

Forum materials

The following conference materials, hand-outs, and brochures may all be downloaded.

  • Registration
  • Postcard
  • Agenda

  • SMS Brochure
  • Program
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors
  • Resources

  • Older Driver Decision-Making Guide (draft)
  • Older Driver Data Summary
  • Decision-Making Guide Comment Form
  • Reports

  • The Forum in Pictures
  • The Forum Outlined
  • Presentations

  • What the data tells us
           (Bob Thompson, Iowa GTSB)
  • The Nations Aging Drivers
           (Charles Butler, AAA)
  • On the Road with Licensing
           (Colonel Garrison, Iowa State Patrol)
  • Improving Mobility for Florida Seniors
           (Dave Anderson, Florida DOT)
  • Predictors of Unsafe Driving
           (Dr. Matthew Rizzo, Univ. of Iowa)
  • Dementia and Driving
           (Geri Hall, ARNP/FAAN)
  • NHTSA and Older Drivers
           (Jim Green, NHTSA)
  • Medications and Dietary Supplements
           (Mary Beth Gross, FASCP)
  • The Road Ahead
           (Rudy Umbs, FHWA)
  • Engineering Older Driver Safety Improvements in Iowa
           (Tom Welch, Iowa DOT)
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