Draft Iowa Strategic Highway Safety Plan

The Iowa Safety Management System Coordination Committee (SMSCC) has prepared a DRAFT Iowa Strategic Highway Safety Plan (ISHSP) and is seeking comments on the plan. The draft of the plan is available on this site in Adobe AcrobatTM (PDF) format. Download the free Adobe AcrobatTM Reader .

The Iowa SMSCC is a statewide multidisciplinary highway safety committee which includes membership from several offices within the Iowa Department of Transportation, as well as many other federal, state, local and private agencies and organizations representing the "four Es" (Engineering, Education, Enforcement, and Emergency Response) of highway safety. SMSCC's goal is reducing losses and suffering due to traffic crashes through communication, cooperation and coordination. It is the committee's belief that this goal is best served by coordinated planning among agencies with key responsibilities for the safety of highway users. Therefore, the drafting of this statewide, comprehensive strategic plan for highway safety represents a major milestone in the pursuit of this goal.

The committee is now asking interested persons to review the draft ISHSP, or any portion of it, taking these questions into consideration:

  1. Are any topics not included that should be reviewed?
  2. Are there strategies for dealing with problems that should be added?
  3. Are there any strategies or other statements you feel are incorrect, unwise or inappropriate?
  4. What areas, topics or strategies do you feel are a top priority at this time?

Comments are requested by September 30, 1999. You can submit your comments by using the comment form listed below, faxing them to 515-239-1891, or sending by regular mail to:

Your comments will be reviewed by the affected section authors and the entire SMSCC as needed. Following completion of the ISHSP, priorities will be reviewed and an action plan prepared.

Some topics in the ISHSP already have established programs receiving financial support from sources, such as the Iowa DOT Office of Transportation Safety and the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau. Other areas have only recently been identified, or may be underfunded due to competition.

Your comments are vitally important in helping determine how resources available to the SMSCC are allocated. The aim of SMSCC is to leverage resources sufficient to put into action ALL strategies that can effectively address the goal, rather than to force them to compete with one another.

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