"This draft SMS plan builds a TOOL BOX for addressing Iowa's highway safety issues. Transportation safety professionals and policy makers can identify their safety goals - then go to this tool box of strategies to find an appropriate 'tool' that fits their needs." - Tom Welch

The draft Iowa Strategic Highway Safety Plan - Development

The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials' (AASHTO) Strategic Highway Safety Plan, dated September 1997, was used as a model for developing the Iowa plan. The AASHTO Plan contained six major topics containing a total of 22 key emphasis areas. In the Iowa Plan, one emphasis area was deleted (Increasing Safety Enhancements in Vehicles), two were combined, and five were added: Ensuring School Bus Safety, Reducing Farm Vehicle Crashes, Reducing Deer-Vehicle Crashes, Implementing Road Safety Audits, and Accommodating Older Drivers. The Iowa Plan now contains 25 key emphasis areas.

The draft Iowa Strategic Highway Safety Plan - Publication

SMS Committee members and traffic safety experts and interested parties collaborated to write the August 1999 DRAFT Iowa Strategic Highway Safety Plan. The plan will be used to help identify and address highway safety issues and possible strategies to use in resolving them in Iowa. This DRAFT plan has been distributed directly to over 700 entities and individuals who are personally or professionally involved in transportation safety. Public response is being promoted through media coverage and other input strategies are developing. A Public Opinion Survey has been conducted to help measure the level of support for various broad goals and specific strategies. The complete plan is available on the Iowa Department of Transportation web site where an introduction and electronic comment form are available for immediate education and input. www.state.ia.us/government/dot/safetyplan

The draft Iowa Strategic Highway Safety Plan - Collaborative Planning

The Strategic Highway Safety Plan is comprehensive in nature and reflects input from the participating safety organizations composing the Iowa SMS Coordination Committee. It addresses traditional concerns for "infrastructure" as well as driver, occupant, vehicle, and post-crash responsibilities. Moreover, the initiatives within this Strategic Plan are built upon safety programs already in existence.

From this base of information and ideas, the Iowa SMS Coordination Committee believes that a comprehensive, integrated approach will produce an overall effort that has the strong potential to significantly reduce deaths, injuries, health care costs, and other losses on our highways.

The draft Iowa Strategic Highway Safety Plan - Implementation

During the planning and implementation process, priorities, potential for success, legislative initiatives, available funding, partnering opportunities, public acceptance, and constraints will determine how and when strategies may be implemented. Ongoing changes and enhancements to the plan are welcome and expected.

Strategies have been developed for the key emphasis areas. Strategy implementation will be designed to address each area's major problems or to advance effective practices by means that are both cost effective and acceptable to a significant majority of Iowans. Some strategies will apply existing federal programs to Iowa, or apply such programs more effectively. Other strategies involve implementation of programs developed within the state. Still other strategies will require an initial model developmental or demonstration stage to determine how best to address Iowa's problems.

The draft Iowa Strategic Highway Safety Plan - Future

Highway safety is the shared responsibility of the federal, state, and local levels of government. Each branch is organized and positioned to make substantial, unique contributions to the entire effort. Safety management procedures such as those used by the Iowa SMS insure that program development and delivery attains the goals of saving lives, reducing injuries, and putting public funds to their best possible use.

The plan itself will evolve, and be "owned" by all those who participate in the process. Through this plan, their efforts are sure to reduce the losses and suffering caused by traffic crashes.

Currently, a variety of federal highway safety program funds and state funds are used to support SMS activities, task forces, and sponsored programs. Additional funding will be required if the Iowa Strategic Highway Safety Plan is to be fully implemented.

The SMS strategic plan serves to facilitate
communication, cooperation, and coordination necessary
to achieve the goal to reduce the losses and suffering caused by traffic crashes.

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