Iowa SMS is:

A diverse partnership of highway safety practitioners in engineering, enforcement, education, and emergency services dedicated to reducing the number and severity of crashes on Iowa's roadways.


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Summary (1,616 KB)
Introduction (784 KB)
Charter (303 KB)
Contents (1,175 KB)
Chapter 1: Increasing Driver Safety Awareness (142 KB)
Chapter 2: Increasing Safety Belt and Child Restraint Usage (785 KB)
Chapter 3: Preventing Drowsy and Distracted Driving (2,108 KB)
Chapter 4: Curbing High-Risk Driving Behaviors (837 KB)
Chapter 5: Ensuring Drivers Are Fully Licensed, Competent, and Insured (560 KB)
Chapter 6: Reducing Impaired Driving (176 KB)
Chapter 7: Education and Licensing for Young Drivers (1,228 KB)
Chapter 8: Sustaining Safe Mobility in Older Drivers (1,106 KB)
Chapter 9: Making Walking and Street Crossing Safer (182 KB)
Chapter 10: Ensuring Safer Bicycle Travel (149 KB)
Chapter 11: Making School Bus Travel Safer (139 KB)
Chapter 12: Making Public Transit Travel Safer (150 KB)
Chapter 13: Improving Motorcycle Safety and Increasing Motorcycle Awareness (1,094 KB)
Chapter 14: Making Large Truck Travel Safer (216 KB)
Chapter 15: Reducing Farm Vehicle Crashes (701 KB)
Chapter 16: Improving the Design and Operation of Roadway Intersections (191 KB)
Chapter 17: Keeping Vehicles on the Roadway and Minimizing the Consequences of Leaving the Road (812 KB)
Chapter 18: Reducing Head-On and Across-Median Crashes (2,252 KB)
Chapter 19: Improving Work Zone Safety (787 KB)
Chapter 20: Accommodating Older Drivers (506 KB)
Chapter 21: Reducing Train-Vehicle Crashes (153 KB)
Chapter 22: Reducing Vehicle-Animal Crashes (124 KB)
Chapter 23: Implementing Road Safety Audits (2,535 KB)
Chapter 24: Enhancing Emergency Response Capabilities to Increase Survivability (143 KB)
Chapter 25: Improving Information and Decision Support Systems (214 KB)
Chapter 26: Using Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to Improve Highway Safety (162 KB)
Chapter 27: Creating More Effective Processes and Safety Management Systems (252 KB)
Chapter 28: Developing and Encouraging Multidisciplinary Safety Teams (139 KB)
Appendix A: Iowa Data and Analysis (3,076 KB)
Appendix B: Iowa SMS Public Opinion Survey Summary Findings (89 KB)
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